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ALIA is a company created to meet the needs of many property owners in Ibiza who look for a professional and reliable management team.

We are the experts you are looking for. A team of professionals whose passion is
to reach the highest possible standards in property maintenance and cleaning services.


Our staff are supervised by our Manager, Alfredo Verdú, who lives in Ibiza. He knows in detail the needs of each property, this is why he works with numerous clients from all over Europe, since they know they can rely on ALIA and get special treatment from us.

We are fully aware of the responsibility we take by caring for someone else property, especially if the owners spend certain periods outside Ibiza.
This is why from the very beginning we create a professional relationship based on trust and respect so that we can adapt to the Customer needs. We are always at your service and we keep on proper communication and information exchange in order to guarantee you peace of mind.

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